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Unleash your inner DIY master with our fun and hands-on craft sessions. From painting and drawing to mixed media, you’ll love the chance to explore your creativity and take home a unique and personal creation.

  • Ideal for both adults and children 7 years old & above
  • Activities include: Cream Gel, Diamond Sticker, Ceramic Painting, Resin Art, Perler Beads, Accessories Making
  • Advance booking required

Get Crafty with Our DIY Sessions!

Unleash your creativity and have some DIY fun with us!  Perfect for both adults and kids 7 years and up, our craft sessions are a blast of creative energy waiting to be unleashed.  From whipping up something cool with cream gel to sticking diamonds like a boss, or painting ceramics like a pro, or exploring the world of resin art – there’s something for everyone! Book an appointment now and get ready to get really crafty!

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