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About Us

Happy Art Loft is the 3rd space for everyone to create, play, learn & share through art & craft.

Our mission is to create a welcoming place that makes people genuinely happy while doing art or making craft.

Happy Art Loft is set up by a tribe of passionate artists who believe that creativity and empathy leads to happiness. Everyone can make art & enjoy art. The best art pieces are produced with a happy mind.

The magic happens when you just simply start making art
– it is amazing what people can create on their own!

We cater to a diverse interest & ability with a variety of well-designed, structured & progressive art lessons. Our classes are curriculum-based & taught through a blended approach. All lessons are carefully curated with a mix of various themes, techniques & media to bring up the best creativity and imagination.

It is about unleashing creative freedom within a rigorous learning framework to produce fantastic masterpieces.

At Happy Art Loft, every creative moment is a happy moment.

What We Offer

  • Children Art Classes
  • Adult Art Classes
  • Art Jamming Sessions
  • Holiday Camps
  • Trial Classes
  • DIY Children Craft Sessions
  • DIY Adult Craft Sessions

To find out more, please Whatsapp @ 96455066
or email us @

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