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Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and get lost in the magic of art jamming. Our studio is the perfect place to unwind, let your guard down, and create freely and without judgment.

  • Ideal for both adults and children 7 years old & above
  • Unguided session – 1 to 2hrs
  • Advanced booking required
  • Paint material – Acrylic
  • Bring your preferred image/artistic idea

Let Loose with Art Jamming!

Feeling the need to unleash your inner artist?  Look no further!  Our Art Jamming sessions are perfect for both adults and kids 7 years old and above.  No need for guidance or instructions, just grab your paint brush and let your creativity flow!

Need some inspiration?  Bring along your favourite image or simply let the moment guide you.  Choose from a variety of paint materials, including Acrylic, and let your masterpiece come to life.

No rules, no limits – just you, your imagination, and a canvas waiting to be filled with colours!  Book a session with us and let the creative juices flow.  Who knows what masterpiece you’ll come up with? (Hint: It’s gonna be AWESOME!!!)

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