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Welcome to Happy Art Loft, where creativity and happiness comes together! Our studio is the 3rd space where everyone young and old can Create, Play, Learn, and Share through art and craft. Our mission is to provide a welcoming and inspiring environment that makes people genuinely happy while they explore their creativity.

We are a tribe of passionate artists who believe that creativity leads to happiness. That’s why we offer a variety of well-designed, structured, and progressive art & craft lessons that cater to a diverse interest and ability. Our classes are taught through an unique approach that blends traditional techniques with the latest artistic methods.

Our Art Jamming & Craft-Making corners offer a free-form and self-directed approach where you can explore, experiment, and make art on your own. Our qualified and friendly instructors are always around to provide guidance and instruction to guide you to unleash your creative freedom and produce fantastic masterpieces.

In addition to our Art & Craft classes, we also have a retail corner that is a great place to find inspiration and everything you need to create your masterpieces and hunt for unique and thoughtful gifts such as lifestyle merchandise, plants, and gifts for your loved ones.

At Happy Art Loft, we believe that everyone can make art and enjoy art, so come and join us for an unforgettable creative experience. The magic of making art and being happy happens right here, and we can’t wait to share it with you! You’ll leave our studio feeling inspired, fulfilled, and with a piece of art that is truly one-of-a-kind.

What we

Unleash Your Inner Artist at Happy Art Loft

Children's Art Classes

Unleash your little ones’ inner Michelangelos with our fun and educational art classes designed specifically for kids. They’ll have a blast learning new techniques, exploring different media and creating amazing masterpieces to be proud of.

Adult Art Classes

It’s never too late to start your artistic journey. Our adult art classes are perfect for those looking to unleash their inner artist and explore their creativity. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, our experienced instructors will guide you to creating works of art you never thought possible.

Holiday Camps & Workshops

Looking for a fun and creative way to spend your holidays? Join us for our holiday camps and workshops and let your imagination run wild! From painting and drawing to DIY crafts and more, you’ll have a blast exploring your creativity.

•Art Jamming

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and get lost in the magic of art jamming. Our studio is the perfect place to unwind, let your guard down, and create freely and without judgment.

DIY Craft Sessions

Unleash your inner DIY master with our fun and hands-on craft sessions. From painting and drawing to mixed media, you’ll love the chance to explore your creativity and take home a unique and personal creation.

Parties & Events

Whether you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate a special occasion, or simply want to gather friends and family for a fun night out, our art-themed parties and events are the perfect choice. Let’s make some memories!

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